About Myself

I have been working in advertising and design for over 15 years, in both print and online mediums. My time in this profession has coincided with the maturation of the internet in all it’s forms (the advent of online social media, the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, and the emergence of e-commerce). In this time my focus has shifted from traditional print to web design/development and I have sought to stay at the forefront of the most relevant technologies and practices.

I chose a career in design because I appreciate inspired ideas that are well-executed. Designing for print instilled in me a commitment to design fundamentals such as typography, composition, and clarity of messaging—as well as a respect for the legacy of the craft. Designing and developing web applications has given me a new appreciation for the idea of design as something alive in the world. Web applications allow for audience participation and a more customized, responsive user-experience. They also provide an opportunity to listen as well as speak, allowing user feedback.

I get excited to explore how each design project can adopt classic design principles and new technology to create a better user experience, and engage the world around it.