About Myself

With over 20 years of experience in advertising and design, spanning both print and online mediums, I have witnessed the evolution of the Internet in all its forms. Throughout my career, I have navigated the transformative landscape of online social media, the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, and the rapid growth of e-commerce. Over time, my focus has shifted from traditional print to web design and development, where I continuously strive to remain at the forefront of the most relevant technologies and practices.

My decision to pursue a career in design stems from a genuine appreciation for inspired ideas executed with excellence. My extensive background in print design instilled in me a steadfast commitment to design fundamentals such as typography, composition, and clarity of messaging, along with a profound respect for the legacy of the craft. Venturing into the realm of web application design and development has further deepened my appreciation for design as a dynamic entity within the digital sphere. Web applications offer unparalleled opportunities for audience engagement, fostering customized, responsive user experiences and facilitating meaningful interactions. Furthermore, they provide a platform for dialogue, enabling us to connect more directly to our audience, as well as capture their feedback.